This article has gotten a lot of negative reactions.

I believe that it’s a valid opinion.

People keep forgetting that Homeric poems were just the pop culture of the times. Sure, they’re classic and iconic and stood against the test of time, but they were nothing more than stories of mighty heroes and gods battling it out on Earth.

It does seem that America’s mythology will end up being the superheroes from the comic books. They have already mythologized Abraham Lincoln and other historic characters, (Lincoln Vampire Hunter) but the ones with massive impact are the superhero stories.

If you think about it many of the characteristics are there.The Argonautica was basically a crossover of Greek heroes. There were sequels, trilogies (Oedipus Rex), retcons and spinoffs (Aenead) and when those stories were put on show in the theaters, actual special effects (Deus Ex Machina).

So, yeah. I do believe that Avengers might become America’s Iliad in 300 years or so. Right up there with Star Wars cults.

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