Story Intellectual Property Rights

All stories are available for limited-time licensing rights.

In short, just email me an offer at with the following:

  • Your desired licensing window (1/3/5 years etc.)
  • Your desired language (English, Spanish etc.)
  • Your desired usage (Video games, film rights etc)

In more detail, the following licensing rights are unavailable:

  • English Ebook/Audiobook rights.
  • Greek Ebook rights.

The following licensing rights might be available, ask away:

  • Paperback/Hardback rights
  • Film rights
  • Stageplay rights
  • Audio drama rights
  • Translation rights
  • Videogame rights
  • Specific Character rights
  • New Media, e.g. VR, AR.

Art licensing rights

You can quickly license the artwork for your own projects on Shutterstock, iStockPhoto and Adobe Stock, find my gallery here (Some picture availability might vary between sites):

Get my Royalty-Free Art on Shutterstock

Get my Royalty-Free Art on Adobe Stock

Get my Royalty-Free Art on iStockphoto

Or, you can contact me for details.

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