Writer/Director. I enjoy taking ancient Greek myths and turning them into modern sci-fi spooky versions. I also like to write romantic comedies, and people seem to go “Awww!” over them, so why not?

Many of my stories are icky, in various ways. I’m European, we have a higher tolerance for that kind of stuff. Plus, I’m inspired by Ancient Greek Myths and Shakespeare, so if you can’t handle tragedy and bodily fluids, feel free to move on.

You can buy my books on Amazon. The best place to voice your opinion about them is either on Amazon or on Goodreads (Just put a few words and some ***** stars there, no need for in-depth analyses).

I’m most active on Twitter and on Facebook with my Mythography Studios page, you’ll see research and everything from transhumanism articles to mythology to quantum physics. I post insane stuff on my Instagram when I’m listening to audiobooks and need to occupy my hands.

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Who is watching the stars, every second of every day, so we can better understand the universe?


Press Any Key to Destroy the Earth

Disaster movie 2012 meets Moon in this thrilling story full of scientific advancements.



She Wanted Thousands of Followers. Now There Is One She Can Never Shake Off.


Myth Gods Tech Omnibus

Science Fiction Meets Greek Mythology In The God Complex Universe


Press Any Key To Destroy The Galaxy

An Antigravel Short Story


Heartbreaker Episode 1

Wanna break up? There’s an app for that.


The Girl Who Twisted Fate’s Arm

Biker Amazons and Celebrity Singers


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The Sun is on Fire

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Healing Aura Overkill

Red Cross tended to his roses. He liked his roses, he liked touching them, feeling the soft petals, smelling them, tending to them. He liked the red ones best, though he had a few varieties Read more…

Red Glasses Club

“Those are weird,” a little boy told her on the bus, kicking the back of her seat. “No they’re not,” Ruby frowned, and turned to the front. “Stop doing that.” The little boy gave it Read more…

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