I guess this workflow has some interest, so let’s share it. I needed cover art for a story, an angel falling from Grace. The series is Angel Girls: Fallen. This is the angel Azza, or Samyaza, the leader of the Gregori. She was cast out of Heaven for teaching mortals the secrets of God in the form of technology and also for mating with humans, giving rise to the Nephilim.

Here’s the initial shot. Close up, quite dramatic. Very tight frame, not much in handles to make a cover.
Wider shot, now I have handles to work with. The composition changed a bit so I moved the spear etc. around.
Final shot, added the halo which adds much needed lighting to the scene. Added motion blur in post, some fuzzy blur to the magic. Also changed the angle of the magic vortex to match the flow of the composition. Left some space at the bottom to add to the feeling of falling.
Final cover art. You’ll find this story soon at futagen.com
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