Over the years I’ve written some Christmas specials for my characters, and also written some retellings of classic Christmas fairytales.

Here are the fairy tale retellings:

Read the cyberpunk fairy tales in a handy box set.

The Impossible Quest of Hailing a Taxi on Christmas Eve

A Greek cyberpunk retelling of Scrooge.

Read it here https://mythographystudios.com/books/the-impossible-quest-of-hailing-a-taxi-on-christmas-eve/

The Little Match Girl

A cyberpunk retelling of the classic fairy tale.

Read it here

Nanodaemons: The Fir Smart-Tree

A retelling of the classic Fir Tree fairy tale with cyberpunk sentient programs. Read it here

And these are the Christmas Specials so far with my various characters:

Cyber Girls: Christmas Balls

Eudora the cyborg influencer has a sexy romp during a Christmas event! Read it here.

Pickle Pie: Midnight Cravings

Pickle has the munchies during a Christmas midnight. Read it here.

Also, here are Christmas pinups of my characters!

Cherry Pie Christmas Pinup
Pickle and Cherry Christmas
Buko Pie Christmas Pinup
Mamacita Christmas Pinup
Tushy Reaper Christmas Pinup.
Rocket Girls Mila Christmas Pinup
Luxuria Christmas Pinup
Luxuria Christmas Pinup
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