Find All My Websites and Socials Right Here

I’ve made a recent overhaul in everything, the design, the Mythography Studios presence, my own social media accounts. Here’s a post where you can find them all in one place. George Saoulidis: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / Patreon / SubscribeStar / Buymeacoffee / Goodreads / Twitter / DeviantArt / Artstation / VK / Bandcamp / Youtube / Tik Tok / Zazzle Store / Read more…

New Groups for my Fans

I made new groups for my fans. One author group on Goodreads and one on Facebook that is generally about my creations. Find them here: George Saoulidis Creator Group on Facebook George Saoulidis Author Group on Goodreads

Taking My Audiobooks Wide

I’m in the process of taking my audiobooks wide, meaning making them available on many stores, not just Audible and iTunes. Let me know if you like listening to some other Audiobook platform.Find my audiobooks on this link