The myth of Prometheus tells of a daring and ambitious titan named Prometheus. He was a skilled hacker and used his prowess to outwit the gods and steal the secret of Bitcoin.

Prometheus was aware of the power of Bitcoin, and the potential it held to revolutionize the world. He was determined to unlock its power, and so he sneaked into the digital stronghold of the gods and used his superior hacking skills to break through their security.

Prometheus was able to uncover the secret of Bitcoin and managed to steal it from the gods. With his newfound power, he spread the knowledge of Bitcoin to the world, allowing people to use it to buy and sell goods, invest, and make transactions.

The god Zeus was enraged by Prometheus’s actions and punished him for his crime. He was forced in a simulation, a virtual world where his senses treated everything as being real with electrical impulses send directly to his brain. Inside that virtual prison he was chained to a rock and forced to endure an eternity of torment for his daring theft. Every day, an eagle would swoop down and eat his liver, while Prometheus felt the entire ordeal in excruciating detail.

Despite this, his legacy remains, and his actions are still remembered today, helping to revolutionize the world of finance and technology.

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