I’m celebrating 1000 audiobooks sold. It’s a good, round number that shows that I should keep offering my stories in audio. I personally love it and consume tons of audiobooks all the time, usually in the genres I like reading in.

So, that’s one that will keep on happening, making audio. Find them on this page, and claim some audio codes, the new ACX system has provided me with far too many.

Another is Gorgocutie, a new project of mine. She’s a virtual influencer, and you can follow her on instagram.

As for my stories, I’ll focus on the ones that got a nice reaction from people. That means both sales and reviews. I’ll be focusing on the Cyberpink and Mean Gods series mainly.

I won’t be doing the daily spitwrites for now. It was fun and I liked pushing myself, but the sell-through is sub-par and I can’t focus on those.

I’m behind on all my projects, but I think I’m in a nice groove now and pumping out stories and renders every single day. I have a few translations from Greek to publish, put up some short stories as standalone, that will happen slowly over time. But mainly, I want to finish my novel-length stories that are half-finished.

That’s all for this update. As always, join the Mythographers to get emails about all the cool stuff coming out.

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