Figures. I woke up today and decided to start blogging again, but I have internet connectivity issues and I barely manage to connect to a stolen wifi for a few minutes.

The day I decide to start blogging is the day I have no net access. Yes, I make my own life difficult.

We went to a book presentation this week. It was the book of my friend and teacher Michalis Manolios, (Αγέννητοι Αδελφοί.) It’s the story about a banned technology that can awaken unborn potential personalities in someone. For example, a mother brings forth a deadly assassin that tries to save her kid’s life, a composer brings forth an unborn sister persona that can bother with all the daily chores in her life so she can focus on her art, etc.

It’s a great concept, very convoluted but intriguing. Unfortunately, it’s not translated in English. But you can read a couple of award-winning stories from him in this nifty little package.

I’m also producing the audiobook version of some of my short stories. For Frivolous Fox Diligent Dog in particular, I’m leaning towards this amazing new narrator simply called Eve. I try to give out work to European artists most of the time, but I just love her voice. So, new rule, Europeans first, then Canadians. Canadians are fine people.

I’m also editing some work, writing down a few ideas for Sungrazer and Multiversal (Still no plot for both of these,) and need to get these done because we have our SFF workshop coming up soon. And I still haven’t translated the story from the last one, High on Maglev. I have a draft cover on that one that I really like and need to fix a bit. But I’m pushing it away because the story has more meat in it, it will probably grow to at least novella length.

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BUT! My schedule says that I’m now supposed to write Cyberpink. So I’ll edit and shoot the short stories off to the narrators and then focus on that and that alone. I just need to jot down this amazing idea about Lana from Multiversal first…

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