In an ironic reversal of my last post where I said that you shouldn’t listen to feedback from strangers on the internet, the following happened:

There are Daz artist groups where we share renders and talk about stuff, I’m in a few of them. Some random person uploaded a render with a glaring flaw, we’re talking something that pokes your eye out through the screen. The non-artistic people would not have been able to point it out, but it definitely would have bothered them, all of them. Or 99.9% of them, like antibacterial soap.

So, I commented and pointed out the flaw.

Yeah, how dumb of me, I know.

But that’s not the worst thing. It’s that the creator replied and defended his work.

Guys, and girls, you won’t be there to defend your work and explain things. People will misunderstand you most of the times, sure. But you need to have a clear narrative, a visual language that makes sense. Tropes exist for a reason, and the reason is because they fucking work.

Sure, get creative and clever about them from now and then. But are you going to break ALL the rules at once? What are you, Picasso? Who made absolute piles of crap and sold them for millions, by the way? If so, good for you.

But if you want people to relate to your art, please understand that you won’t be there to defend it. You won’t be there to explain, ‘Oh, she’s reaching out to her father,’ or ‘Her skin is blue because of the sky.’

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If it doesn’t make sense, it just fails to convey a message.

My director teacher used to tell us all the time, the viewer will see your movie somewhere, anywhere, at anytime. You won’t be standing in the room next to them to explain, ‘Oh, make up failed that day,’ or ‘The lights burned out in that scene.’

It’s a separate entity, you and your work.

Don’t get defensive, don’t try to explain, don’t get into an argument. I hid that guy’s posts permanently, since his work is crap anyway and I’m not missing out on anything, really.

Noobs get defensive. Pros just nod and take the criticism.

So, how should we respond to feedback, George? Tell us, George, since you’re so goddamn clever?

Simple. You can just say, ‘Thank you for the feedback.’

That’s it.

And here’s where you can leave feedback for my work.

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