As I sit here waiting for an incoming wire transfer, half my services are down, newsletters, hosting, other tools, I’m thinking about a colourful blood sport. I asked you, my dear readers, which of the two books you’re waiting for the most, and naturally, you guys chose the one with the boobs.

Not my fault, then.

Also, does this count as a cover reveal? Not really, because I’ve had the cover up on the site for months. I don’t really care for cover reveals, especially since I still need to find a way to blend those jugger skulls better with the general aesthetic.

Drawn by Antunesketch, these visceral paintings really capture the feeling I was going for with this series. Check him out, there are some powerful pieces in his portfolio.

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It takes place in the underbelly of the God Complex Universe. It’s a colourful blood sport full of women and sex and objectification. You know, like the real world. It’s my most cyberpunk series yet, has it all, the underdogs, the augmentations, the smog city, the nightlife, the technology, the blood, the drugs. Everything.

I’m having lots of fun writing this one and it’ll definitely not appeal to everyone, but I know cyberpunks will like it. Each book will focus on the story of one athlete, with the overarching story unfolding in parallel.

I have the time to focus since I’m done with most things with freelancing partners.

I have shot off the necessary files and directions to my narrators and have 5 stories in production. Slow up, Gorgonise Me, Frivolous Fox Diligent Dog, Speaking in Bubbles.

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I’ve also made a few more stories available on paperback , which you’ll find at this post which I’m updating with each new release.

My Patreon is a bit lagging behind, but I promise to catch up with another flurry of short stories, I have plenty burning a hole in my mind. I just write down the ideas as they come to me and then will myself to get back to my main projects, else I’d never finish anything.

I also had a nifty idea about the cover of Multiversal and it finally looks like something presentable. So, cover reveal!

Not yet. Soon.


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