This comic from Greekmythcomix explains it nicely:

Basically, just like in modern movies, the poets needed to build up tension, telegraph to the audience that something big was about to go down. So, they described the gearing up moment, and because nothing really makes sense from that era, they decided it should have a VERY SPECIFIC ORDER.

  1. Greaves
  2. Corselet
  3. Sword
  4. Shield
  5. Helmet
  6. Spear

I assume someone wrote it up that way and the rest just stuck with it because it works.

You’ve seen it many times, it’s when Rambo puts on his ammo belts and his red headband. Salute of the Jugger, or Blood of Heroes, the movie that inspired the jugger sport, actually starts with a scene like that, here it is:

I changed it up a bit on Cyberpink, there’s no spear (Though there is a q-tip,) and only Pickle carries a shield. But it remains the same when Hector gears her up.

The scene can work many different ways. It can also be intimate, which is what I was going for. This scene from Lost in Space is very much what I have in mind when writing those:

It’s more dramatic than I need, because in that clip he’s sending her out to live and he’s sacrificing himself for his family. But the modern look of the gear helps me bring it closer to the future of Cyberpink. I also added the putting on of the gloves.

You can find Cyberpink here.

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