At the risk of extreme confirmation bias, this fact proves a point I was making in another post.

Goya at the late stage of his life retreated to a house and painted only for himself. The Black Paintings, dubbed as such by historians are bleak, disturbing, and of course the most interesting part of his work.

I don’t particularly like the others, but the classic one of Kronus devouring his son is of course a haunting picture.

This painting is literally a masterpiece. Now, imagine if Goya had hesitated to paint that. Imagine if he, just like many creators, feared what the public might say or what his neighbours might think of him.

He was deaf at that point in life and he probably didn’t care at all what others thought of him, but we can learn from his attitude. This painting, which I’d never hang on my wall but I love to have seen it, would have sent a commoner calling for the insane asylum people back in those days.

Don’t look at it with our modern eyes, where we’ve seen atrocities and disgusting stuff on the internet. Back then, this was probably the single most unsettling thing a person might have seen in their entire life.

It’s masterful, and the world would have been a little bit poorer if he hadn’t made that masterpiece.

What my take away from this is what I’ve said and written down many times before: let go of your insecurities and dare to be bad. Dare to make a mess, to create something without caring about others’ opinion.

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And maybe, just maybe, if you’re lucky and talented enough, you might make a masterpiece just like this one.

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