Amy Adams never said that.

I find it hilarious whenever I get a review that warns people of a sexual scene in my stories. Obviously I just got another one and that’s why I’m ranting here (it’s my blog if you haven’t noticed and I can do what I want.) It’s doubly hilarious when it’s clear that the reviewer actually liked the story. What is this, a guilty pleasure? Yet he or she feels like he/she should warn people about it?

To be fair, I completely understand not wanting nudity and sex scenes in their stories, I really do. Same goes with violence. But that’s my point, if they fall into that category, then they shouldn’t be reading something in the cyberpunk genre. They should just search for books clearly tagged with “Clean” or “Sweet,” or make a Goodreads group or something to keep their fragile souls unsullied.

I mean, really. Sex and violence is a third of every cyberpunk story. Add in the mythological elements on my part, which are rife with more of the same, and you get the God Complex stories. How many more warnings should I put? There’s one in the author bio, one in the book description. If it’s throughout the story I use the adult content filter option as a publisher. I add the LGBT tag mostly because I just want to keep the story away from the people who might be offended (but it’s not for naught, there is diversity in the story.) The latter is a common practice with other authors, we’ve discussed it. The LGBT tag and the Dark Fantasy one are our friends, they help to keep down the bad reader experiences.

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Because that’s what it boils down to, a bad reader experience, someone who didn’t get what he wanted. And I of course want to keep those to a minimum. But, if you’re here reading this, you’re probably a fan already and didn’t need this warning in the first place.

Which makes this post rather pointless. We don’t want that.

So, here, enjoy the best damn composition of the best archetypal girl with a sword I’ve ever seen:

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