It’s August and summer is pretty much half-past behind us. I spent it writing about the sexual exploits of Horace, lusting after and prodded forward by Luxuria (above,) while listening to this stream with lofi hip hop radio (below.) It was a story written in sweltering heat about a guy in Athens amidst the sweltering heat. So meta, I know. Just be thankful he wasn’t a writer, m’kay?

A lot of things happened, there was a tragic fire in Athens, people died. I watched the panic and the misinformation unfold on Facebook. I didn’t share anything because I didn’t want to spread any fake news. Then we had three floodings, seriously. It really puts things into perspective and reinforces the ideology that everything can be erased in an instant and we shouldn’t hesitate to do what we wanna do in life.

On personal news, it’s not bad. My last two releases have gone better than all the ones before and I’m satisfied. It also seems that I have a bunch of people discovering my backlist and reviewing stories on Goodreads I had thought were goners. Goes to show you that we’re in this for the long haul.

My projects are thankfully moving forward. We’re making the audiobook version of Nanodaemons with Luke Rounda, who is an honest-to-god one-man show. He’s made something like a wacky, not-fit-for-children version of Inside Out mixed with Tron, which was actually intended that way. It’s not the typical audiobook with the classic narration, it’s more like the BBC audiobooks with full fledged soundscape. The voices and the effects are amazing and I can’t wait to hear the finished thing and share it with you.

Yes, he’s the one who narrated Where a Spaceship Goes to Die, a story which everyone seems to love. The same story is now being worked on and translated in Spanish, ’cause, why the fuck not? I should honor the damn story with its own page at some point.

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Also, I have finally, finally decided what to do with Heartbreaker. I know you might ask what’s the big deal, but it is for me. I’ve been stuck with that story in limbo for two years, and now I’ve figured it out. I’m gonna scrap the whole episodic format and just write a novel with Eris’ shenanigans.

Future projects, Antunesketch has done it again. I was fooling around with Photoshop making covers and I came up with two (2!) ideas for full novels in the Cyberpink series. Two! Fuck me. I still haven’t finished the trilogy. Which is probably gonna be a hexalogy. Damn you, man and your vivid and inspiring artwork.

Again for Cyberpink, I think I’ve finally found the female narrator I needed for this project. She has committed to the entire series and I think it will be a great fit. An actress with a great vocal range and clear intonation. Not sharing any more for now, we’ll see how it goes.

As for the LitRPG/GameLit genre, I think I’ll stick with it for a while. It’s quite popular and the energy of the readership really fuels my drive, and every author’s drive, really. It’s very easy to get discouraged with writing in general and every little bit helps. I’m having fun with it, and my arguments to myself are: I was pretty much writing GameLit already, I enjoy reading it a lot, and finally, it’s a popular genre and it makes enough money for me to able to pay my freelancing partners what they are really worth. Win-win-win.

I don’t really have to explain myself but here it is anyway. That was it, the paragraph above.

Finally, the upcoming release is Book 2 of Cyberpink, Cherry Pie.

It’s gonna be a blast. And summer ain’t over yet.

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