I released the first story in Cyberpink. It’s been fun, and I’ll get right back to the next book in the series as soon as I’m done with the Nanodaemons and Heartbreaker sequels.

This cover art is from the talented Antunesketch, which he proudly shared on his page. If you want to get in touch with him try his Instagram, he loves it.

Truly an awesome person to work with, and we’ve got more coming out from our collaboration. I’m not ashamed to admit that the art really contributed to the story as I fleshed out the characters. Seeing them there made it a breeze to figure out their character quirks and their motivations and made them come alive.

Back to the story, Cyberpink is a GameLit/LitRPG harem story set in Athens with cyberpunk elements, and the game of Jugger.

What the fuck is Jugger, you might ask?

Good question. I’ll answer that in the next post.

As for GameLit, it’s a new genre that has elements of video games in literary format. It’s not too heavy on stats so that a non-gamer wouldn’t understand. It’s just a bit, enough to make the rules clear but not too much so it ruins the reading experience.

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Honestly, this first book starts out slow in the GameLit department. Be patient, it will pick up speed as soon as Hector gathers up the members of his team. That is deliberate as I try to write things that will last in time, not just the latest fad. There are definitely three books planned in this series, and a second trilogy if it all goes well.

I’ve also been working on A Thousand Eves. They’re bigger and fatter now, almost twice the initial story. There were a lot of story threads that got resolved quickly and some readers pointed it out. They were right, the scope of the story became massive as I wrote it and it couldn’t possibly fit inside a lowly novella. So, I expanded it, refreshed the cover for more impact and I’m putting the finishing touches right now. It will be announced on the Certified Mythographers newsletter.

As I reread it, I realised that both these stories have explicit content. I’ll add a warning somewhere but don’t expect me to dial it down. If it fits the story, the nasty remains.

So, get your copy of Pickle Pie in your favourite retailer and let me know what you think.


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