Nanodaemons is out on audiobook format, but it’s not just any old narration.

No, Luke Rounda of Vernacular Audio has turned this into full-cast drama all by himself, doing the voices, accents, adding in effects and generally making this a complete aural experience. As I wrote this story I imagined it like Inside Out, the various nanodaemons bickering and arguing with each other as the action unfolded around them. But they are not passive observers,  as you will see when you read or listen to the story. And the narration is exactly like that, with the voices interjecting and being hilarious and weird. I especially like all the armd bits and the chapter with the fork. You’ll see.

I was just having a discussion yesterday and I claimed that I didn’t like to work with others, but I knew that wasn’t true. Basically, I like working with talented people, and this project was an amalgamation of disparate individuals that couldn’t recognize one another if they bumped them on the street, but they were brought together by me. It’s funny how that works sometimes.

So, big thanks to:

  • Vasso Christou for the beta reading that helped me flesh it out and make it fatter,
  • Mike Winkelmann, AKA beeple for providing the vibrant artwork that gets the feel just right,
  • and Luke Rounda for giving the characters life and making them swear like a sailor.

You can just read Nanodaemons like a Luddite on your e-reader or enjoy the next-best-thing to a movie by listening to the audiobook from the buttons below:

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