Things have gotten wild. It’s like the anti-vaxxers, the easily confused and the conspiracy theorists have morphed into a Voltron of misinformation. There’s Qanon, which is a crazy town of looney conspiracy theories that read just like a Madlib of famous names and conspiracy buzzwords, the antimaskers who call us sheeple, the covid-deniers and I don’t even know what else.

To keep yourself sane, you need to block that signal. Do not feel guilty about deleting all that noise from your life. Dealing with the post-traumatic stress of the pandemic and the quarantine is burden enough, you don’t have to pile on the anxiety of other people as well.

Do your part, do your social distancing, wear a mask and follow the official guidelines. Stop trying to educate people on what is fact or not (unless that’s your job, in which case you have my full admiration and sympathy.) Stop telling people they’re wearing their masks wrong (blue side out), or that they should limit their travel, or that they’re fucking morons for believing that the government wants to put a chip in them while posting from a spy’s wet dream of an iPhone.

The quarantine worked well in Greece, and people got complacent. Now we have a wave of tourists coming in, and the infections have risen again. But people are still lax about social distancing. They keep bumping onto me on the street, even though I wear a mask and try to social distance. You know what? It’s not gonna drive me crazy. I’ll be careful, but up to a degree. I’m just gonna step away, without arguing. One day I waited in line as two young men without masks blocked my way, talking to each other. I just waited until they noticed. They gestured for me to pass through them, I gestured for them to step the fuck to the side. I don’t care if they were offended. They’re the ones who were rude, not me.

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As for online, I’ve deleted so many people and pages that spread anger and misinformation. I had shared a bunch of posts from a writer who ended up posting angry stuff about sheeple and anti-mask silliness. I was saddened to see him go, but he got blocked. I get stupid comments on my pages, thankfully not too many. The freelancers I’ve worked with, I’m happy to see that they’re sane. They either joke about the matter to deal with the stress and advocate for masks and social distancing. That shows that I attract a certain type of person. Even a guy in Brazil, which is currently a centre of insanity, kept posting about proper social distancing.


In the future (and there will be a future because we will survive this), they’ll be looking back on 2020 as the time that humanity lost its marbles. They’ll be looking at us like barbarians, just like we look back on the Dark Ages. And they’ll have the proof, in digital rants, posts, articles and videos. They’ll have Tik Toks of doctors putting a CO2 meter to their face and putting five (5!) masks on to prove that their breathing is fine. They’ll have proof of propaganda, of trolls, of social media bots, of everything. It’s not your job to shift through that.

Your job is only to survive this day.

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