I think I’m smart, and then I do dumb things like these and slap myself silly.

On a previous post I said I’d be ditching Patreon. The reason was the following:

I wanted to challenge myself by writing a short story every day, which I call spitwrite because it’s rude and in-your-face, and I wanted to publish that story on my blog. This blog.

But, I was also thinking of putting them up on Patreon. You know, so I could afford all this magnificent artwork that accompanies them and inspires me (I pay everyone.)

That was the dilemma. On the one hand, I wanted it to be public so that I could have immediate feedback and actual people reading it. On the other, I could have the supporters that help keep this insanity going.

I decided I didn’t want to hide these embarrassing stories behind a paywall. So, I said I’d just post them here.

And then it hit me: There’s a third option, vlaka. I can put them up on both channels and leave them public on patreon as well. That doesn’t make much sense, because on there you’re supposed to get something exclusive for your support. But, there it is, both channels are wide open.

You can read the daily spitwrites on this blog. And you can support this insanity on my patreon, if you want. There will be no exclusive content up there for now.

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Did You Like What I Made? Then buy me a frappe. You can support me on Patreon, Starbackr or BuyMeACoffee. My preferred method is bitcoin sats over lightning. There is no exclusive content there but that way you can make sure these stories and renders keep on coming.


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