I had this post planned for quite some time now. This pic above fits my mood perfectly, and I was hoping to say how you should do what you wanna do, and that the right people will find you and follow you and support you.

Funnily enough, just to prove that the internet is a shitty place, one person commended something today on my stuff that really pissed me off. Basically he said ‘we don’t want none of this, it’s not as cool as you think it is.’

So, I blocked him.

I do what I want. These are my websites, my social media accounts, my little corner of the world. I create stuff, I make stuff happen, and I post them here (And there and on that other place). I post multiple times per day sometimes, nothing other days. I’m inconsistent, I publish almost every little shitty thing I make, and I move on to the next.

You don’t have to follow me if you don’t like my stuff. I don’t post on other groups and forums, I don’t shove my creations down other people’s throats, I don’t spam other sites other than my own accounts and blogs. If you’re watching something I made, you’ve probably clicked to visit that site yourself. Nobody forced you to join my group, my mailing list or like my page. Nobody.

Now, on to the lesson of the day.

Dare to be bad is a wonderful phrase. Basically, it allows you to let go of your insecurities. For years, I’ve seen talented people hesitate and tinker with something that should have been released a long time ago.

Just post that shit and move on.

Seriously, make your shitpost of the day and move on.

Are you still mulling it over? I said post that shit and move on.

“But what if it sucks?” you ask.

“Don’t worry,” I respond, nodding and placing my hand on your shoulder. “I assure you that it will suck donkey balls.”

90% of everything is crap. 90% of the stuff I make is crap too. Some people don’t think so, and they pay their hard-earned cash to enjoy it. I feel weird about it but I just shrug and keep on creating, hoping to make that one masterpiece that will make all of this worth it in the end.

I don’t care about forum drama, I don’t care about this association or that. I belong in the Sci-fi Club of Athens, the Screenwriters’ Guild of Greece, Patty’s Dragons, KBoards, Daz3D creators, LitRPG authors, Patreons, Youtubers, Tik Tokers, Instagrammers, you name it. I’m in all those places but never in so deep that it drags me down.

I focus on my work, and my creations, and my little corner of the web. I dare to be bad, and sometimes it turns out to be good.

Now, back to the example of the person who didn’t like my stuff online, all I have to say is the following:

I know that some of the stuff I make is bad. Some I think are good, but not many. But, and this is a big butt, I don’t need people putting me down when I’m in the creative groove. It’s very easy for a creator to just stop making things, and many have done just that. I refuse to be one of them, because I like making stuff.

Do I need a cheerleader?


Okay, some helpful feedback every now and then is welcome, I guess. But do I need people telling me that this thing I made, which takes considerable skill and hours upon hours of effort is ‘not that cool?’

No, I don’t.

Because I disagree. I happen to think it’s cool and I’ll shove it down your throat multiple times a day. This is my corner of the web, and all you have to do to escape it is click away.

Oh, you’re still here? Then I guess you like what I make. Thanks. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll inspire you to start shitposting yourself.

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