• The Plague Doctor face mask is the best-selling product on the merch store. Nice. Shared with fans.
  • I managed to not make fun of Americans for the 4th of July. I consider that a win. (Okay maybe I did just a tiny bit.)
  • Rerendered Gorgocutie – Bubblegum. Wasted far too much time fixing things that didn’t really need to get fixed, learnt that lesson. I’m gonna leave the next ones as they are and just hit render.
  • Decided to get my books out of KU. In August, Pickle Pie, Cherry Pie and 7 Deadly Roommates will be published wide. I’ll be releasing new stories in KU for the minimum of 3 months and then it’s gonna be wide forever (on all bookstores.)
  • Cherry Pie: Christmas Balls has a paperback now. It should be available soon.
  • Fixed new workstation with a proper cooling fan. Now it probably won’t melt in the Greek summer.
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