Every year or so I look back on the projects I made and make some executive decisions.

Kroisos.io didn’t go well. I made that as a way to show my learning process as I tried to figure out investing and finances. Along the way I became a bitcoin maxi, so it’s rather pointless. You can practically see my focus shift from gold and stocks to bitcoin on that blog.

I’m not bothering much with @kroisosbitcoin. I’ll keep posting here and there, it has good SEO and some traffic. I hope it helps some people. But it’s not a priority.

The bitcoinavatars.com project is going well. People seem to like my profile pictures, they’re using them here and there. Fans are supporting my work by buying NFTs. There are many ideas left to make. It’s fun. I’ll keep doing it.

The @AbsolutBitcoin is weird. Not much traction, but some good feedback. Fans kind of support it by buying the NFTs. Nothing iconic yet, but it’s getting shared when I post it. It’s also challenging, so I’ll keep doing it. https://absolutbitcoin.com

@LoveIsBitcoin21 is the most successful so far. Frankly I just made it on a whim, gave the social media handing off to a manager, haven’t bothered much with it. We don’t have many sign-ups. We have many viral tweets. Interest is huge, but I have no way to develop or monetize it. https://loveisbitcoin.com

I’m not sure how to expand it but it’s obvious that the brand is resonating with plebs and that I need to keep working on it. I’ll maybe get some sponsors somehow and do some proper advertising to get people to sign up.

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As for more stuff, I’ll try and get back to writing. Got some ideas for short stories with @bitcoinavatars , and I’ll try and finish that bitcoin novel I started. I’ll also make a few bitcoin romance stories. Kind of like romantic comedies with bitcoin involved. You’ll see.

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