• Fixed the shop categories, now they look nicer with pictures https://mythographystudios.com/
  • Pickle Pie Midnight Cravings is now showing up on Apple and other bookstores https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1523238702
  • Bought a european taxi asset from Renderosity. Apparently, they’re as hard to find as Hailing a Taxi on Christmas Eve.
  • The story file crashed. I have to find a backup. FML.
  • I need to update the main Taxi ebook, then the audiobook, then the translations. FML.
  • More books added to the Smashwords sale. https://mythographystudios.com/smashwords
  • Cyber Girls Christmas Balls paperback is up on Amazon. Eww, it’s terrible. Need to fix that.
  • Managed to sign up again on Commission Junction (My old one was deleted) to get a Daz affiliate account.
  • Fixed a million minor stuff on my sites. Sigh.
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