I don’t think so. There’s a big name author that recently posted his thoughts in his private group. In his post, he makes some good points about how authors are not in this together and that they should guard their secrets, their freelance partners and their resources like the business secrets that they are.

Frankly, he pissed me off.

This is a very capitalistic view of the world, and I don’t have to witness it since I don’t want to. So I got out of the group, blocked all his social media and banned him forever from a promo site that I’m running in a specific genre.Because, if he doesn’t think that we should help each other, why should I help him by sharing his books?

I do lose out a bit since he’s a very searchable author and my niche site depends on google search traffic to sell promo spots, but I can live with the loss. It doesn’t matter how big and famous you are, if you keep burning bridges, you’re gonna end up with nothing.

This person has done many other questionable things but this was what pissed me off. I like these little author communities we’ve formed, and I like to help people. Am I naive? Maybe.

But we get to choose who we hang out with in life, and this person is not one I’d choose to do so.

Maybe he’ll never even notice that he’s been banned from my little promo site. Maybe, he doesn’t give a shit.

I don’t give a shit either.

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