Gorgocutie having a morning frappe. ‘Cause why not?

I’m celebrating 1500 audiobooks sold. It’s a nice milestone, so juicy. There’s no real point to it but I decided to use the milestone as an excuse to write another one of these posts, letting you know what’s been happening. I love audio, and I’ll keep making it and offering stories like that, it just brings out a completely different feel to them. You can find my audiobooks on Mythography.

I am going to make an attempt and get some audiobooks wide, meaning in more stores and also available in libraries (The current Amazon contract means they’re exclusive to Audible and iTunes.) Not sure if I wanna tackle that particular beast right now, but it’s on the list. The ever-expanding list of stuff to do.

As for other projects, I’m officially swamped. But I am chipping away at them at a steady pace, which is great. I have a translation project that’s been going on, which is a secret for now. I have short story series which I really love writing, and people seem to like them a lot. I’m talking about the Cyber Girls: Influencer and Rocket Girls: Supersonic series. Expect more on them soon. Also, people liked Tushy Reaper, so book 2 is on the way. Promise.

My 3D render game has gone up considerably, and I just love making new pictures every single day. What has been holding me back is my computer, which I really need to replace with an expensive render PC with a beast of a graphics card. So, if you were thinking about buying those box sets I’ve published this year, now’s the time.

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As to how you can support me, you can always get my stuff on Amazon and all stores. Even on the Mythography Shop. I have a Patreon and now a SubscribeStar account. Honestly, it seems Patreon is slowly moving into policies that hinder rather than help creators, and I’m not saying I’m gonna ditch it entirely, but I really hate that stuck-up crap. So, SubscribeStar it is then, a non-US site where you can find all my latest stuff. There’s no exclusive content on either one of them, but you can get everything I make on there. I’ll keep posting on both Patreon and SubscribeStar, so don’t worry about that.

And as always, the best way to find out about my coolest new stuff is by joining the Mythographers. I’ve updated the free starting library and honestly, it’ll keep even the most ravenous reader occupied for a while.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now.

Did You Like What I Made? Then buy me a frappe. You can support me on Patreon, Starbackr or BuyMeACoffee. My preferred method is bitcoin sats over lightning. There is no exclusive content there but that way you can make sure these stories and renders keep on coming.
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