Michalina had lots of fun that night. Both the human men had her, though she focused her affections more towards Peter, whom she liked best. But the governor was good-looking too, once he drank some booze and stopped whining. “Stop breathing so hard, you’ll use up all the oxygen in here,” Aristides said at some point but promptly forgot about once she enveloped him with her wiles.
Naked, sweaty and utterly satisfied after a couple of rounds with the both of them and once more with Peter, she laid on his chest, enjoying the afterglow. She was playing with his beard and bending her toes involuntarily.
Aristides was at the wall, tired and in the process of putting his pants back on. His long hair was tangled and he looked scared, angry, tired and having a few other emotions at the same time. “Elf, we’ve done as you asked. Now bring the shield down.”
Michalina froze and bit her lip, not daring to turn towards him.
Peter pressed his chin on his chest. He couldn’t see her, so he pushed her chin up. “Michalina?” he asked with the tone of voice he’d probably reserve for his naughty cat. “Answer the governor, please.”
Michalina winced and stood up. She was half-naked, but she was never a shy elf. “I’m sorry, guys. The shield cannot be taken down earlier than dawn. But it’s been a few hours already!” she reached out with her hand, trying to salvage the deal. She looked from one human to another.
Aristides looked up at the sky through the crystalline shield. “No,” he said wearily, “it’s not dawn yet.” He grunted and stood up, then grabbed his sword sheath.
Michalina flinched backwards, practically stepping over Peter’s body as he lied down on the cool stone.
Aristides drew his sword and snarled, “You lying cunt! I’ll kill you. I’ll fucking kill you.”
Michalina shuffled all the way to the far wall, which wasn’t that far, considering. The shield spell had a limited range, the size of a large room, two at most. It had trapped her inside with the man whose cum was still air-drying on her thigh, and who was now heading directly at her with the intention of killing her.
He kicked the bottle as he approached her, half-dressed, long hair falling in his face, murder in his eyes.
Michalina instinctively tried to cover herself with her hands, a futile gesture. She was no real guard, she had no training in combat. All she could do was have a good time and maybe activate a magic item or two. “I wasn’t supposed to be here tonight,” she sniffled, trying to make herself as small and pathetic as possible.
Aristides didn’t care. He had lost it, and humans were known for such bouts of uncontrollable rage. Elves rarely had those reactions, but humans went around breaking things and punching people practically every day. It was one of the reasons the elves took so long to even consider a treaty with them.
They were just so damn emotional.
She choked out a tiny cry.
Aristides raised the sword above her head. The blade twinkled in the moonlight.

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