Medusa by Scarlet Leigh

This illustration was the original inspiration for Gorgocutie. As soon as I saw, it, I thought it was like a contemporary Medusa taking a selfie.

I made a Medusa Selfie image in 3D, the one below:

I even turned it into petrifying 3D. (Not sure if it works in embed, you might have to visit Facebook to see it.)

I actually named it ‘Gorgocutie’ but decided to just call it Medusa Selfie. Afterwards, when I got the idea for a mythological influencer and was looking for names, I thought about Lil.Medusa and Lil.Gorgon and things like that. I went through a lot of them until I realised I already had the perfect name.

I reworked the original selfie pic into this:

My skills with 3D rendering had increased considerably in the mean time. Gorgocutie has been lots of fun to create and I’ll keep making new pics for her over time.

And there you have it. Follow Gorgocutie on Instagram and Facebook.

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