Just Cherry showing off Pickle’s cake 🎂.

Finally, a new render after all this time. I wanted to explain my thinking about the rerenders. Initially I was just planning to make 2-3 of them, the worst offenders. But then I saw the results, and they’re as night and day. The difference is so significant that they’re like brand-new images. I’ve been able to kick up the image quality by a significant factor, and the resolution, ending up with gorgeous details in my older renders. Just check out the last one, Cherry Pie VR. So yeah, it seems that I’m gonna end up rerendering about 40% of my art. I’m also updating the book covers at the same time, both the artwork and the new design. That means I have to export new files, check for errors, then upload again on all bookshops. That takes some time and it’s an entire process, but it’s worth it.

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