It’s St. George’s name day, so yay for me!

My favourite depiction of St. George is that of the Ex Heroes one, a superhero that fights hordes of zombies. I normally dislike zombies, and I’m a bit fed up with superheroes, but this series hooked me completely and I read the whole thing, one after another.

He starts as the Mighty Dragon, then reinvents himself as he steadily becomes the leader of a group of heroes and then of an entire encampment of normal people.

I like it because he’s a good person, humble. He tries to help people since he has been blessed with powers, and the decisions are tough. Over the length of the books, things escalate, allies come and go, they suffer losses, and St. George is always in the middle. His skin cannot break but his heart can.

Though he might not actually be a retelling of the myth, it’s exactly what a modern tale of saints and heroes should be like.

It’s well-written fun.┬áThat’s all.

Check it out.

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