Of course they came to kill her in her sleep. There was a noise, the balcony door slid open and a man came inside with a gun and a silencer.

Coconut only survived because she was lucky, the man slipped on the discarded kimono beside the bed. He fired at the side, the bed going up in two little puffs. The silencer didn’t get all the noise from the two shots, and that woke her up. Her training kicked in and she tumbled to the side, barely awake.

The man spun and slipped again, holding himself up on the edge of the bed. But a gun is a gun, and he could aim it again just fine.

Coconut could see him clearly now, he wasn’t local, a Chinese man, definitely from the opposing side. he morning sun shone bright behind him, blinding him. And he was aiming straight at Coconut.


She gulped and closed her eyes.

The shots didn’t come. Instead, she heard the man coming in closer. She opened them again only to find him leering on her naked body, looking her up and down. He pressed the silencer underneath her chin, forcing her to lift it up, it burned her with a sizzle.

She winced but said nothing.

“Nice,” he said, licking his lips. “Very nice…”

Coconut whimpered. She was gonna die. Sure, the job was dangerous, but going out like this? At gunpoint, wearing nothing but her panties, gunned down by a man who leered at her body?


Hold on a second.

Coconut wiggled her butt out of her panties. The gunman stared, mesmerised. She let them slip on her foot and immediately kicked them, sending them right to his face. The distraction was only gonna buy her a second, and she wasn’t gonna waste it. Even as she kicked the air she hopped on her other leg and kicked with it, keeping her pace.

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The result was her left foot right into the gunman’s nose, hitting him with a satisfying crunch.

“Aaa!” he cried out and held it, waving his gun around.

Coconut had the upper hand now. She moved in close, hitting him with her back as she grabbed the guy and pointed it away from her. She disarmed him, elbowed his side and then spun to face him.

The man grabbed her and he was much stronger, but his face was all bloody and he couldn’t see very well.

Coconut simply raised the pistol at a proper shooter’s stance, took her time to aim at the flailing would-be killer of hers, and shot him in the face.

He dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Her ears rang from the gunshot. The silencer kept it a lot quieter that normal, but it was still slightly deafening instead of completely deafening.

She stood there, her chest heaving and the gun in her hands.

Her AR showed her something, a line of glowing text in her field of view.

1 kill confirmed. If you’d like to gain more pinky points, complete the kills with the assigned weapon (katana.)

She shook her head, blinking at the message. She knew they had implemented a sort of Augmented Reality implant in her eyes, but it hadn’t activated before.

Oh, gods, oh gods, she had just killed someone, hadn’t she? Her first kill. That’s why it activated. She dropped the pistol and ran to the bathroom. Coconut vomited everything from last night, all the coconut rum. She hadn’t eaten anything, and that was for the best. Liquids come up easier via the wrong way.

She splashed some cold water on her face and looked at herself in the mirror.

The face looking back at her was that of a killer now.

Coconut, the killer.

End of part 5.

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