She stalked them the entire night. Li Wei and his mates went through a drinking bender along the rim of Santorini’s finest bars. They had some fun and drinks with ladies, but nothing crude like strippers or such. They spent so much money anyway that they attracted a lot of interested girls. One of them, the tall one, was definitely packing. Coconut didn’t know what, but he adjusted the gun plenty of times in the night. She suspected the others might be carrying guns too.

The mates were definitely a problem. They were good friends, of the type that would take a bullet for each other. And they were fit young men, she couldn’t take them out. The bride was not important, probably some flimsy Chinese girl. Who cares, she’d probably be delirious from the anxiety and from starving herself for the past six months so she could fit into her wedding gown.

At about five a.m. she got tired and went to get some shut eye. The wedding was late in the morning, and she needed stop slapping her stupid head and calling herself ‘Baka baka baka,’ and she needed to sleep and clear her head. In the morning, she might figure out how to kill a man.

There was a moon that night, and she could see just fine as it reflected on those iconic white-washed walls of the Santorini buildings. But she was tired and her eyelids were droopy. She stumbled all the way home, found her keycard in her bra and opened the door to her hotel room. She could already imagine the soft touch of the pillow on her cheek.

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She went inside the room sleepily, waving the whole mess away. She’d get a few hours of sleep, then shower, then assassinate a groom on his wedding day.

Hoo boy.

She slid the kimono from her shoulders and unwrapped the thick belt in her waist. She dropped it right there on the floor and it was as if her feet were moving her forward, enchanted by the bed.

She fell face down on the bed, rubbing her skin on the cool sheet.

Mmm, nice and comfy.

She felt something poking her leg. Coconut felt around the mattress, grabbed something and instantly went awake and brought it to her face to see it.

It was a katana sword.


Well, at least the company made her wishes clear on how to proceed after this debacle.

She pulled it a few centimetres out of the sheath. The blade was shiny metasteel, worked into the sharpest edge possible. It had nice curves and waves along the cut, reflecting the moonlight in interesting patterns.

Coconut sheathed it again and smiled, closing her eyes. She wrapped her legs around the sheath, letting it rub against her panties. She wore nothing else. She finally got some rest, gripping her katana tight.

End of part 4

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