I’ve had the pleasure of making a video for this event. Judith Blish, known as J.A. Lawrence is a friend of the Athens Science Fiction Club (ALEF). We hosted a talk for her and she spoke about her life with James Blish, about Star Trek and notable writers like Harlan Ellison, and about her latest work. Yes, she’s still writing, I’m the guy at the beginning of the Q&A that asks her if she’s still writing, and she is.

That’s an inspiration.

I’ve heard her talks before, as she is a frequent member of ALEF and the convention Fantasticon happening in Athens, just like she says in the video. I didn’t know about other tidbits and biographical info, which I found very interesting, especially coming from her brilliant way of sharing stories. I believe it will all be included in her autobiography, The Tarot of Cats, coming out soon.

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