This time last year I’ve been very productive. I wrote many stories during October inspired by inktober prompts and sketches. While it was fun, it was time-consuming and I don’t plan to repeat it this year. But I did want to create stuff, so I took the first and the second prompt, Ring and Mindless and wrote a short story in two parts. That short ended up being the first part of a longer story, which I named Space Girls: Saturna. I’ve just published it on Amazon, but because it’s in Kindle Unlimited I can’t publish it on my blog as well.

Last year I did that and it was fun, but it blocked my marketing efforts and I had to take most of the stories down. Amazon was driving me crazy every time I edited the Spitwrite collections when the spider found duplicate posts of the content.

Now, about instagram, it seems that my shadowban is over. For some reason instagram decided to hide my account and effectively bring my reach down to zero without any notice, nothing. Usually this lasts precisely two weeks, but it has been months. Only some die-hard followers could see my posts, and I thank them all for that. Instagram has reinstated my reach but now they can go fuck themselves. I can’t depend on them for announcing my projects any more. I will use it as a secondary outlet, and I’m only keeping it because as I said, some die-hard fans are following me there. You can follow me on Instagram here

But I suggest you follow the Mythography page on Facebook, and better yet, join the Mythographers with your email to make sure you get all the news.

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The Space Girls are being published and I don’t have a link yet, but you can search for them on Amazon. EDIT: Here it is.

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