“Bite me,” Tony said.
“Okay,” Dimitri said, brought out his fangs and was tearing open his jugular before his helpless victim could even blink, let alone react. He bit down with his fangs and drank up his blood. It was warm, gooey, and salty. Everybody kept describing blood as metallic, and sure, it had a hint of that, but to him, it was always more salty than anything else.
He hugged the naked body of the man as he entered him with his fangs. It was something intimate, feeling the pulse throbbing on his very teeth.
Dimitri didn’t drink too much. He wanted to savour it. He turned Tony around and this time entered him with his cock. This whole vampire experience was very erotic and he was as hard as he’d ever been. He couldn’t really get it in, so he rubbed two of his fingers on Tony’s bloody neck and then spread it around on his ass like lube.
Oh yeah, now it slid right in.
“Yes! Just like that,” Tony said, writhing underneath him.
Dimitri kept biting his victim’s neck while he fucked him in doggy-style. He could feel the squeeze of his flesh around him, the warmth of his body, the wetness of the blood in his mouth.

When he was done, he pulled the virtual reality helmet off.
“I told you it was good, didn’t I?” Tony said from the spot next to him, panting and excited like he always was after a fuck. He was distinctly not bloodied, and Dimitri was distinctly fangless.
“Yeah, it was cool,” Dimitri agreed. In truth, he wasn’t all that into the kinky stuff. He would fool around with anyone and try anything at least once, and this was fun, but he didn’t really crave to repeat the experience. Tony was his mate and they sometimes fucked, so this wasn’t that unusual.
“Glad you liked it. You can see why I was hesitant to ask anyone else,” Tony said, unhooking himself from the tens of cables and equipment. There was something that sucked your cock, another thing that entered your mouth, a vest that made you feel the touching of another body and the gloves that gave haptic feedback and made it all seem real. He was trying to get the last strap off.
“Yeah, no. I get it. Happy to fulfil your sexual fantasy, that’s what mates are for,” Dimitri said, helping him with that stuck strap.
Tony placed his hand on Dimitri’s shoulder and put his face real close to him. “Thanks, really.” He gave him a peck on the lips.
Dimitri tasted something salty on them, and smiled at him. “Anytime. But not this one again, please.”
Tony looked disappointed. “You didn’t like it? I’m sure you got off, didn’t you?” he said, looking down at Dimitri’s crotch.
“I did, that’s not the problem, Tony. And I said it was fun. It’s just not my thing.”
“Okay.” Tony said and they walked towards the waiting room. There were other people there, waiting their turn. “What do you want to do. What’s your sexual fantasy?” Tony said, smiling.
“Ah…” Dimitri grunted, looking away. There was a chubby woman strapping in on the VR spot where he was at. “It’s silly.”
“Hey, Dimitri, we just did mine. It’s only fair I do yours. Tell me, what is it?” Tony put his shoes back on from the locker.
“How come she’s alone?”
“Who?” Tony asked, looking up. “Oh, she’s probably linking to another VR spot. People in long-distance relationships do that. Or, she’s hooking up online with randoms.”
Dimitri noticed the wet spot on Tony’s crotch, the cum was showing through the jeans. He licked his lips. “Okay, I’ll tell you what my fantasy is but promise you won’t laugh.”
“I won’t,” Tony said, squeezing his lips tight.
“Or, judge. At all.”
“I promise.”
“I always wanted to abuse someone who was in VR, helpless.”
Tony spoke softer. “Really?” He nodded at the VR spots. “You mean like, go and stick it in, while she’s in VR?”
“Yeah, but… Not actual abuse. Fake abuse, with her consent.”
“Okay,” Tony said, putting his tongue at the top of his mouth. “Want me to ask her?”
Dimitri shrugged.
Tony walked up to the chubby woman. She was ordinary, had a nice smile. Tony spoke to her, pointed at Dimitri, Dimitri waved at her and showed his best smile.
She smirked and kept on talking with Tony.
Dimitri felt cheap, being negotiated like that. But, he told himself, if he didn’t want Tony to bargain for him like a piece of meat, he should find the guts to go up there and ask her himself. Which he hadn’t, so he should shut up. The chubby woman touched a finger on Tony’s abs and smiled at him with a naughty expression.
Tony walked back.
“Well? Don’t keep me waiting.”
“She’s fine with it,” Tony said, clapping his hands. “But she wants us both.”
“Both?” Dimitri snorted, raising his eyebrows.
“Yeah? Guess she decided to go all in. She wants me in the virtual and you in the real. Okay?”
“Sure,” Dimitri shrugged.

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The chubby woman smirked at him and put her VR helmet on. Tony was already in the virtual, and from his body movements he was starting to flirt with her in the virtual space. That damn man was way too polite. Here she was, ready to take them both at the same time and he was too much of a gentleman to just force himself on her.
The chubby woman moved on the spot, cables running from all over her body. Finally, Tony brought out his fangs and started to kiss and tease her.
Dimitri came around her back and hugged her, she giggled and responded under his touch. “This feels weird,” she said, but sounded way too excited. She started to breathe hard, to moan under both their touch.
One man in the virtual, another in the real.
A mindblowing threesome, that must have been.
He could see her stroking the air, which was Tony’s cock. Dimitri pulled out his own and started to rub it on her voluptuous ass. He really liked chubby girls. Tony knew that. And this was sexual fantasy land, he’d never make fun of him about that.
And why would he? This was a fine woman, all curves and juicy flesh…
Dimitri stuck his erection between her buttcheeks. The positioning was awkward since they were all standing up, but he managed to get it in there. At least somewhere in the vicinity.
Tony was no longer a gentleman and he was moving his waist back and forth. Dimitri saw the dildo between the woman’s legs working overtime, making her grunt and moan.
Dimitri pushed from the back, and she held one hand in the air before her and another in the real, grabbing the back of Dimitri’s head.
Dimitri brought out his fangs. There was no one here to see him, this was a discreet service. He bit into the chubby woman’s neck and found her jugular. He drank her blood, it was warm and gooey and salty. It was perfect. She moaned, pressing up against him, Tony fucking her in the virtual from the front. “Oh, yes… Harder, both of you!” she cried out.
Tony obliged, fucking the air and sipping her blood in the virtual.
Dimitri rubbed his two fingers in her blood and then spread it around on her significant buttcheeks. He pressed his cock and this time it slid in. The woman’s breath caught as he entered her.
Then he drank her blood in the real while fucking her from the ass.

“Wow, I feel lightheaded,” the chubby woman said and wobbled away from the VR spot. “It was great, thank you, guys,” she shouted from the waiting area. She kept checking her neck where Dimitri had bitten her, touching the spot and staring at it.
“Was I too rough?” Dimitri asked.
“No, it’s fine. You were great,” the woman said and flustered, looking away. She got ready in her locker.
Tony was smiling with his usual afterglow from a fresh orgasm. “Well? Tell me. Sexual fantasy fulfilled? Was the Digital Fang all that your dear mate claimed it to be?” He looked proud. No, he looked smug.
“Yeah…” Dimitri said, licking his lips. He made sure not to leave any blood lying around. He’d learnt over the centuries to be careful. Veins were a messy affair, but with a willing victim like that?
Puh! It was child’s play.
“I had fun, yeah. We should do it again next week,” Dimitri smiled, fed and content.

The End.

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