Hector scratched his head. This was certainly a new kind of commission work. “Diamond is basically a useless material. Are you sure you want this?” he asked the client.

“Yes. Can you do it?” the woman asked, sitting with perfect posture on her chair. She was a dark beauty, somewhere from the Middle East, but had no accent. She wore a modest dress that hugged her toned figure perfectly, making her look sexier than a swimsuit model. And she had an augmented leg. Definitely a retired jugger athlete, Hector thought. He couldn’t resist, he pulled up his owner’s app and scanned her.

Her stats read:

The Black Diamond. Retired. Wins: 202. Losses: 127.

The stats were modest on retired players. Tony had explained it at some point, something about a change in a new computing system that made the old one incompatible. There were definitely sites online where they listed retired juggers, people were anal about those things. But Hector didn’t really care.

She raised a perfect eyebrow. “Satisfied with what you found? My stats?”

Hector opened his mouth and stuttered, “I-Uh, no, I didn’t…”

She raised a hand. “It’s alright. I recognise the swipe of the owner’s app, it’s a distinct gesture. I expected it, to be honest. The fact that your reputation says you’re a benevolent owner is the reason why I came to you, after all.”

“Right.” Hector sank in his chair. “I’m sorry about the scan, but it’s getting to be a habit of mine. I wasn’t one for public veil data and whatnot, but I’ve found it helps me get a grip of what I’m dealing with.”

She smirked. “Oh? And what is it that you’re dealing with, in my situation?”

Hector sucked in air through his teeth. “Well. You’re in good health, and you’re not augmented over 30%, so that’s not the reason you’re retired. Your stats show me that you were quite successful, so being unwanted by a team is not the reason you’re retired either. All that’s left is one scenario.”

“Goodness,” she chuckled. “Now I’m intrigued. Please, tell me.”

“Love. You have an owner that bought out your paramone contract. Someone who is definitely wealthy, because I’ve looked into those and they get sky-high, something like half a mil euro. We were looking into it with Pickle and Cherry and I almost chocked when I heard those numbers. Your ex-owner is either some superfan who wasn’t a slimey person, or the guy who owned you and lent you out in teams. I assume the former, because the latter would not be rich. I’d know.”

She raised her hands and clapped, slowly. “Good call, Mr. Troy. Yes, Lucius loves me. And I do love him dearly. Though I want to leave the life in Cyberpink behind me, it hadn’t been kind to me as I’m sure you’ll know, I feel bad that I’m costing my husband so much. First the paramone contract, now he’s taking care of me, I feel I need to earn my own money, you see?”

“Okay. But how does the armour help?”

“The Tournament is showbusiness, you know. I was approached with an offer, doing some commercials, perhaps a guest role in a movie, that sort of thing. But my agent believes that since I’ve been away too long, I need a gimmick.”

“The black diamond armour,” Hector nodded, opening his palm at her.

“Exactly. He feels that… Well, he estimated that the intellectual property of my Cyberpink career is worth enough for me to license the likeness from Dionysos Entertainment and make enough profit in the end.”

She didn’t look like she believed that herself.

“Okay. But, again, why go with real diamond? There are much better materials-“

She raised a hand decorated with jewellery. “It’s for show, Mr. Troy. I’m sure you’ll make the armour perform as a normal one, but the gimmick relies on it being real.” She frowned, the only expression that didn’t do her beauty justice. “So much stuff is fake in this world, Mr. Troy. I want this to be real.”

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Hector breathed in deep. “Well, you’re paying, so it’s fine by me.”

She stood up and corrected. “My husband is investing in this. He believes in me.”

He smiled at her. “Good for you! Let me take your measurements and we’ll be done for today.”

They went in the workshop round the back and Hector took his measuring tape. He politely asked her to raise this and that an took her measurements, which were smoking hot, by the way. When they were done, he saw her out the door.

“It’ll take me some time to locate the material. Send me the deposit and I’ll let you know.”

“Thank you, Mr. Troy. And I wanted to tell you, that you’re a good man.”

“I try,” Hector smiled at her and followed her with his gaze as she got into her self-driving limo and left into the night.

He turned around to see a frowning Cherry with her arms crossed. “You certainly took your time with the client,” she said, emphasizing the last word.

“Yeah. She’s rich. Or, at least, her husband is. Hey, I thought you weren’t jealous of other women. Aren’t you the one always pushing me to flirt more?” Hector said, locking up the shop.

“Yeah, with our team. Pickle, Killie, Mamacita. Not some retired poutana with flawless skin and a perky ass!” Cherry said, her nostrils flaring.

Hector stepped close to her and put his arm around her waist, pulling her close. She kept frowning, seemingly indifferent. “I love it when you’re jealous, you get all hot and bothered. Red, like a cherry.”

She kept her arms crossed before her chest.

Hector leaned in and kissed her. There was no response from her, but she didn’t push him away.

He kissed her again. Cherry was young and athletic, and her short hair exposed a neck that demanded to be kissed and caressed. Hector hugged Cherry and kissed her on the neck, moving upwards as he spoke. “Black Diamond said she only came to me because she heard I love you girls so much.”

“Huh…” Cherry said, trying to remain indifferent but her body was clearly melting in his arms. She was starting to breathe harder. “And what else did Black Diamond want?” she mocked.

Hector kept kissing her, having reached her ear. “Oh, just a full suit of armour made of rare materials that only the Albanians have.”

“What?” Cherry squealed. “Hector, no! That’s dangerous.” She spun in his arms, turning to face him. She looked worried and hugged him tight.

“It’s alright. I have you girls with me. What could possibly go wrong?” Hector smiled, and then pushed her forward, leaning her on the shop’s counter. He explored around her panties with his fingers.

He couldn’t see her expression but she sounded like she was biting her lips. “Hector, this is serious.”

“I’m totally serious,” he said and pulled her shorts down. Then he dove nose-first into her pussy, enjoying the taste and the feeling.

“Grnn…” Cherry tensed up, gripping the side of the counter. “What if someone sees us?”

“The shutters are down and the lights are off,” Hector said and carried on with his task of making her wet and giving her the first orgasm of the night. That was actually easy, Cherry was younger than him and a very sexual girl. Once he’d learnt what she liked, which was being dominated in bed, he could get her off very easily. Of course, he very much enjoyed doing that. Cherry always rewarded him afterwards but he’d do it for her anyway.

He felt her juices as she tensed up and moaned under his touch. Her pussy sprinkled his face with something warm and delicious, and he felt she was ready for him. He stood up and took his cock out. She turned around and bit her lips in a very naughty expression as she waited for him to slide on a condom, then perked up her perfect butt when he aimed at her centre.

She moaned in delight as she enveloped him.

Yes, Hector realised, he very much did love Cherry. He only hoped he could one day set her free from her debt bondage as well.

End of Chapter.

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