This required quite a bit of work from me. I hadn’t made anything like a scene with distant elements before, and the atmospherics took a little while to adjust and get them right. But it came together pretty much the way I wanted it. You can see from the portrait aspect ratio that it’s meant to be used directly as a book cover art, that’s why I tried to keep it rather simple so it could support the text rather than overwhelm it. A few touches in Photoshop made it work a lot better than how the raw render came out (boy, was I disappointed after 10 hours of rendering).

This is Mila by the way, a character in the Rocket Girls series I’m writing. She’s an alien, but I guess the story takes place in her solar system so she’s indigenous. And she has some… unique characteristics. And she has a cool rocket, uses it to get herself into adventure and trouble, and she picks up some friends along the way.

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