Triptolemus smiled at the woman across the table and was surprised at how quickly he had adapted to this craziness. Sure, it wasn’t ideal, and it felt slightly psychotic speaking to a woman that was double, but they quickly got into a groove. Persephone would say something to their shared channel, so he would hear her voice. And then Dimitra would pick up the slack during the lag and carry on the conversation. Hers was a completely different voice, higher pitched. But they would easily switch gears and Dimitra’s reactions seemed exactly like Persephone’s. Trip was sure that the girls had practiced a couple of things, or at the very least had talked about a few situations.

For example, he was stunned during their first date, when Dimitra kissed him so casually. Then again, that’s exactly what Persephone would have done if she was there in person. That one was definitely arranged in advance.

Their role-play was easy to get into. Dimitra was likeable. Sure, she was shorter and curvier than Persephone, and that broke the illusion many times. However, Trip had to agree with Dimitra that it mattered more whether the surrogate had chemistry with the couple, rather than her being an exact match or whatever. In fact, they had talked about making a proposal to the oversight agency when Dimitra was done with the thesis and gotten some peer reviews to her analysis. But that was for another day.

Now, he had more important things to think about.

“Like my dress?” Persephone squealed naughtily and bit her lip. She scooted over closer to him, dragging the chair on the ground. She lifted the one end and left her thigh exposed to the light of the sunsets.

“Yeah, I love it,” he replied, letting his gaze wander around her flesh. Her inner thighs were milky and looked soft. He’d bet they tasted soft too, if he dove in with his face and ran his lips all over them.

Persephone waited for him to enjoy her lovely sight, and then sighed audibly. She raised a delicate finger to his face, followed it, and then lowered it at a spot on her inner thigh. “I’d like a nibble, right there, please.” She was looking away at the sunsets.

Trip snorted. “What, now?”

She turned to him, playfully irritated. “Yes, now.” She made a pout with her lips that drove him nuts.

Trip looked around, the café wasn’t exactly packed, but there were plenty of people around. Of course, this was a lovers’ spot, and he could see a lot of wandering hands and embraced couples, that were definitely doing things that they shouldn’t be out in public. He turned back to Dimitra, or rather, his girlfriend Persephone, who was still pouting. “What the hell…” he said and leaned down between her legs. At the last second, he decided to get back at her and instead of a playful nibble, he gave her a strong bite. Her flesh was soft and smelled lovely.

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“Ouch!” Persephone jerked up.

Trip grinned at her. “I couldn’t help myself, love.”

She touched his chin. “That’s what I like about you, Trip.” Then she leaned close and kissed him sloppily, biting his lips.

Persephone’s voice came to his ears, which was an impossible feat since she was currently sticking her tongue as far down as it could go inside his mouth. Oh, right, it was actually Dimitra. “Touch my thigh, baby,” Persephone said huskily. Her voice was deep, breathy. She was definitely alone in her bunk and was enjoying herself, looking through Dimitra’s cybereyes.

Trip had some reservations up until that point. Sure, they had talked about it, and sure, it was nothing more than roleplay. It was one thing talking about having physical sex with another woman, and heck, even the kissing and cuddling was no big deal if you really thought about it. But now he could hear his girlfriend a million kilometres away breathing hard and rubbing her clit while experiencing a hot date with him. So, his reservations promptly evaporated.

She was into this. She wouldn’t regret it, it didn’t seem like it.

Trip finally let himself give in to the illusion. He grabbed Persephone’s back and pulled her closer to him, kissed her back and made her moan, and ran his fingers between her thighs. He explored around for a bit, and was shocked to find that there was nothing stopping him from her pussy. No fabric whatsoever.

He smiled. “You naughty thing.”

Persephone took an innocent expression. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

He kissed her again, and pushed his thumb inside her pussy. It was scalding hot. “I feel like a teenager,” Trip said when he stopped to come up for air.

“Me too…” Persephone breathed out, her eyes heavy. “I want you, baby,” she said, her voice nasal and low, barely a grunt.

“Wanna go back to my place?” Trip asked. To his surprise, he was very anxious about her response. Which was silly, after all. This was his girlfriend, they’d been together for years. Of course, she’d want to come back to his place.


Persephone pushed his hand away from her privates and stood up, holding her purse. “I thought you’d never ask.”

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