Dimitra was having a great day. She had done her house chores, her meal was spot on, and she’d even done some serious work on her thesis.

So, naturally, it was time for everything to go to shit.

She was humming along, doing her laundry, when the washing machine decided to freeze. ‘Updating…’ the screen said, and it stopped doing anything.

She slapped the damn thing. “Nonono! Come on, I need this done by tonight,” she whined, shoving the pile of laundry to the door. It resisted being opened, but she pulled it out. It made a whirring, screeching sound which she was sure she’d regret later on. Then she shoved the laundry inside the drum and pushed it shut with a groan.

“Right. Okay, sure, do your update or whatever,” she said, blowing a strand of hair off her face.

Nothing changed for five minutes. Then ten. Then fifteen. She kicked the damn thing, “Come on!”

It didn’t seem like the situation was gonna change.

“How are we feeling?” Persephone asked in a voice message. Her tone had that innuendo droll. “All ready for tonight?”

“No,” Dimitra snapped at her, leaning back on the toilet. “I don’t have clean underwear, the dress you picked out for me is in the laundry pile and the damn washing machine decided to brick itself for an automated update.”

Her friend wasn’t gonna reply for at least forteen minutes, so she went around to see how she could salvage this. She went through her clothes, and it really wasn’t looking good. She started streaming and kept sending audio messages, basically thinking out loud. “I don’t have any of the clothes we shopped together, so, there’s your fantasy gone, right there.” She felt tears flooding her eyes. “Dammit!” she sniffled. “I wanted this to be perfect for you, I should have done this yesterday, but I was out all day and then I was tired… Dammit.”

She rubbed her face and avoided looking at herself in the mirror. “One disaster at a time.” She went in her closet and pulled everything that was serviceable out on the bed. She made sure she looked once over all the articles of clothing, so that Persephone would have time to pick something else. An old skirt, gray and ugly but it went with everything, a yellow sundress, and jeans. It wasn’t the best selection. “Got it? Save me, mylady,” she said theatrically, then hurried back inside the bathroom. There, she did some things that she really should have done the night before, thus giving time to her skin to settle down and recover, but what the heck? She was late.

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“I’m thinking the jeans? It’s a classic, after all.”

“Yeah, but one time I put them on on a date, they refused to get off me when I wanted to get naked, and the guy had to pull my pants sleeve that had like, suction powers on my thigh, and I pulled away and my leg suddenly kicked uncontrollably and I got him on the nose and we spent the evening in the ER trying to stop the bleeding.” Dimitra winced, sucking in air. “It wasn’t pretty.”

She threw her things in her bag and then turned towards the bathroom mirror, eyes shut. “I guess I’ll have to face it, eventually.” She opened her eyes. She looked like a crazy lady with her hair all over the place. She looked tired, she had a zit, and she was feeling less than bangable. “Fuck!” she said out loud, and started to put makeup on.

“Calm down,” Persephone said. “Our date will be fine. I know Trip, he doesn’t need much. Sure, I wanted it to be perfect, but it really is perfect already,” she said, and Dimitra could hear the smile in her voice.

She stopped, stared at herself in the mirror, holding the eyeliner to the side. “You really mean that? I’m glad.” She breathed in deep, then let go, and finally went back to dolling herself up for the big date.

“I think the sundress is the best choice. It looks pretty no matter what. And we can go without panties. That should get us in the mood.” Persephone said asynchronously. She had sent another message without having listened to Dimitra’s last reply. It was like texting, but weirder. Dimitra had gotten used to it by now, and she liked having Persephone around, even as just a long-distance friend.

She giggled thinking about that. “Hah! I guess me and you are now in an increasing-distance relationship as well. Funny that.” She finished her eyeliner, spending the time and making extra sure not to get that stupid crap inside her eye again ’cause it made a mess and stung like a motherfucker, and checked herself out in the mirror. She did a birdbath once again, it was hot and she had gotten sweaty again from running around like a headless chicken. Some deodorant, some more deodorant, “Let’s not risk it. Fuck, I’ll carry it in my purse,” she said and did exactly that, and then she put on the sundress.

“Yeah…” she smiled, giving it a whirl.

“I’m ready to go on a date,” Persephone cheered.

“I feel bangable now.” And it sure was breezy.

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