Persephone got poked and prodded. The medical drone floated next to her, and said in a soothing voice, “It’s just routine, don’t worry. Just lie back and relax.”

“Okay…” she said wearily, leaned back and stared at the forest projected on the ceiling. It had lots of detail, birds chirping, leaves moving, squirrels stealing nuts. It was perfectly made to lull the human mind and distract her. Look! Something pretty, it’s moving in the bushes. Follow it with your eyes while I shove a biopsy needle up your peehole. Okay, she knew that’s not where it was going in, but the sentiment was the same, and it sure felt like it.

“The tunnel is a bit tight due to being left abandoned for so long,” she joked.

“It’s wide enough,” the medidrone said, slipping it in.

Persephone breathed out and calmed herself. She settled her hands on her chest and let the drone do its job. She was a team player, after all. Always logical, always level-headed, always ready to understand the other person’s, or e-person’s in this instance, point of view.

“There,” the medidrone cooed softly. “All done.”

Persephone stood up. She defaulted back to joking. “Will I make it, doc?”

“Of course,” the medical drone said, the humour going over its head, while setting the implement in a sample collection canister. “You are healthy and young. Bone brittleness is at a low level, and your uterus’ walls are looking exquisite.”

“Oh, well then. At least my uterus walls look peachy.”

The medical drone stared at her for a long moment, tilting its head. “As a matter of fact, they do.”

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“Thanks…” Persephone drolled while putting her pants back on. “You’re not much for witty banter, are you?”

“I’m not,” the drone shrugged.

Geez, sometimes the e-persons were so lifelike, and others, they were like… well, mindless drones.

Then again, you don’t want the e-person operating on your guts to be witty, just precise and knowledgeable.

God, she felt useless. Even the silly looking drone painted with calming blue and green hues was more important than her. She was stuck, stuck in this relay race, pathetic and useless.

But at least she had nice uterus walls.

“Thank you, doc. When will I know the results of the test?”

“Oh, you’ll get them on your comm when they’re ready. A couple of days,” the medidrone said softly.

She clapped her hands. “Great. Anything else?”

“Drink more fluids,” the medidrone said with a chirp.

Persephone narrowed her eyes at it. “Will do, doc.”

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