I’ve finally gotten around to making a reading guide. And as I did, I realised myself what a mess my stories are in.

But it all makes sense now. I swear.

Basically, there are two distinct worlds.

The God Complex Universe takes place mostly in Athens, but also in European countries. It’s an alternate reality really close to our own, splintered off from 2009. In that reality, corporations take over, CEOs think themselves as Greek Gods (cause why the fuck wouldn’t they?) and people are either part of the system or get dealt with swiftly as a problem to be removed. It’s truly dystopian, post-cyberpunk with lots of mythological themes thrown in.

The Antigravel universe is space opera. Inspired by Iain Banks’ Culture and John Scalzi’s novels, First Contact takes place, we meet the aliens, we get fancy spaceships, yadda-yadda, now there are real problems to deal with. Aliens that think we taste wonderful, exoplanets that want to kill their inhabitants, Minds that have gone crazy, plus the good old human instinct to explore just for the heck of it.

And in those Universes there are subseries, like the Hire a Muse for example, which are independent stories with a Muse in the middle. The subseries are wildly different, some are YA like the Road Demands Tribute, others are New Adult like Maniai Case Files. The tone differs too, Heartbreaker is silly and snarky,  Hire a Muse is sexy and tragic, and Deimos is the counterbalance to all that syrupy crap and just blows shit up in a pondering baritone.

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There are also some stragglers, orphan stories that I didn’t want to squeeze into the universes and stand alone to the side.

On the page there are also some upcoming titles that I’m still working on and haven’t announced anywhere yet. You can be the first to know by joining the Mythographers.

So, click to find the reading guide. I’ll keep it updated.

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