Yup, that totally looks like a lady pirate from a videogame! 😜 regram @lillybetrose
I have next to no photos of my MF cosplay from con at the moment 😭 I only wore her for an hour to attend the League of Legends meet (which I ended up getting lost and not finding it). I’m hoping I’ll find a couple of snaps 😫 #missfortune #leagueoflegends #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #adc #misssarahfortune #redhead #rum #booty

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See also  I hate made up languages. I hate fucking Klingon. Did I mention how much I hate made up languages? I hope they blow them all up. regram @startrekRevenge is a dish best served cold. ⚔️ Which #Klingon proverb best represents Klingons as a whole? 🚀🖖 #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #FinalCountdown #4MoreDays #NewTrekSeries #boldlygo
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