The Chinese space station Tiangong 1 is hanging over our heads. It’s on a decaying orbit and is expected to crash on Earth in a matter of days.

I had an idea about a story when I first read about the place where spaceships go to die. It’s the most remote place on Earth, as far as possible from any landmass.

It’s been sitting on my hard drive for years, so inspired by the Heavenly Palace, I’ll get to finishing it and publishing it online. It will be available on my Patreon and on my Amazon page (and everywhere else).

In other news, we’ve sent everything she needed to Eve Marie Martyn, pronunciation guides, manuscript, etc, so Frivolous Fox Diligent Dog is underway as an audiobook.

I finally got a review on Girl Gone Nova, a 5-star one at that. It’s always nice seeing that people enjoy what you’ve written, and I didn’t have any reader feedback on this story up till now.

I’m also making Slow Up a bit fatter. 5k words fatter, to be exact. One last proofread and it too will be off to be narrated.

Crying Over Spilt Light is underway as a print-on-demand book. That means I got a designer working on it. I’ve been neglecting paper versions of my stories, and it’s not on purpose. I read on all three media, yes, three. Paper, ebook and audiobook, all in parallel. I also read in Greek. In fact, I think I’m reading more now than before I had all these options. If you really wanna know, I’m reading through Heinlein’s bibliography, Scalzi’s Fuzzy Nation and just finished the Collapsing Empire.

See also  Supergirl Defeated

The last thing is a decision I made. I was thinking, since Eris is kinda on a universe of her own, happier and prettier than the God Complex, I decided to give it a name: Mean Gods. Yes, seriously, that’s the name, Mean Gods. I’ll finish the Heartbreaker series and then bundle it up on a separate tome.

So, now going back to crash landings and underwater spaceship debris as treasure.

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