It’s really not that exciting, to be honest. I thought I’d get back to livestreaming sometimes when I work in Daz3D.

I’m using Restream to share it to both youtube and twitter.

I checked the recorded livestream I made last night. The audio is good, the video is mostly 720p. You can see what I’m doing in Daz3D. I was worried that it would be too low res to follow along. Apart from some places where it lost the signal it was watchable. I still don’t know where the livestreams show on twitter, it’s all hidden away in favour of spaces. I’m streaming in twitter and in youtube for now. If and when people like this sort of thing I do I’ll upgrade and stream to twitch and facebook as well.

I found a roundabout way to link to my broadcast on twitter.

Follow me to get notified.

And on youtube it’s on my channel, that one is easy. Subscribe to my channel to get notified.

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