This year I didn’t really get any presents because I told everyone I didn’t need anything. Low time-preference and all. Nonetheless, on New Year’s Eve I received the package from GoBrrr, the 3D Printer I work with. And it was just on time because unlike the rest of you, we exchange presents on New Year’s Day instead of Christmas in Greece.

There’s no space for an unboxing anywhere so the dining table it is then.

I expected a 3D statue of Satoshi, the one I designed. Patrick made some tests and I’m okay with a flawed one.

It has a gap in the base but I don’t mind.

To my surprise, there was more! A vent adapter for my miner.

A cool case for my Raspberry Pi node. You can get these on the shop.

That one is very cool but I’m not sure how I can still use the screen too. I’ll ask around.

And some more cool Bitcoin swag!

Plus another Satoshi, jet black this time! The details are a lot better on this one.

Now I have enough to make my own council of Satoshis.

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