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See also  Reading the Fold. It's quite good, very attention grabbing. But the verbose descriptions , though I know exactly why they are there, are very grating to me. I just gloss over entire paragraphs and hope that the author will make sure to point out the meaning of it at a later point. Repost @the.quixotic.reads・・・Due to character limits I won't be including a full summary of the book here.Mike Erikson takes a job surveying a group of scentists who are working on a project that will change the world, teleportation. As he learns more about the project, and the people involved he realizes not everything is as it seems.I love Peter Clines' books. Let's start there. He's an amazing writer his stories are creative and they hook me in like a fish and The Fold was no exception. I figured I would read this over the span of a couple days but I opened it up and I just kept reading until I had gotten to the last page. I could not stop.I didn't realize until I was finished and I was reading the acknowledgements page that it was actually in the same world as his other novel 14, which I haven't read yet, but I'm assuming that's going to answer some of my unanswered questions.The characters were all really interesting and likable which makes sense because Cline's character writing is really strong. Honestly my only complaint is that they were all so likable that I couldn't even be mad when the secret came out and the world was nearly destroyed because of it.If you are a fan of science fiction, nerdy references, great characters and stories that will captivate you to the the point that you end up laying in the same position so long you end up with a weird side cramp, then pick up The Fold, it's really worth it.#bookinstagram #bookstagram #book #books #peterclines #thefold #scifi
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