The gigantic alien girl sat on the planet’s surface. She easily lied down and the ground could only just barely support her weight, whoohoo!


I panted on the ground as I struggled to catch my breath. I kept rubbing my aching chest as I had suffered from this alien girl’s strength. I couldn’t believe I had been unable to defend against a direct punch from her.

“You have such great power. Just how strong are you?”

“Eh? …pfft.”

She smiled awkwardly when I gave her a compliment the same way I would praise a young child.

“Just like you, I am weak~. I can barely lift this boulder.”

She tapped on the giant rock beside her, which had a surface area about half the size of my apartment building. I could feel the planet quaking from the pressure of her strike. She was right; she pushed a boulder that was almost as heavy as a battleship and was able to lift it just a little… I do not think that is weak at all!

“I’m wearing their high-tech armor earlier, but I repeated many body swapping to raise its specs, so maybe I am strong like a hero? Although I think I am the weakest in the world…” she said as she curled up into a ball and started mumbling.

So it was armor instead of a power suit. The feeling of one’s entire body being sucked into that empty space from before seemed to suggest that. So this was the technology that allowed the ‘Old Worlders’ to transfer their consciousness between machines, though I never considered them as robots in the first place.

“Then, the Old World is made of several planets similar to this one, right? Are there bodies with various forms?”

“Yes~. They are not as big, but there is a small one near here.”

She pointed to a spot about a hundred meters away, so I looked closely and saw a perfectly round planet that was about the same size as the one we were on.

“So that’s a planet. It’s really big.”

I heard from the Heaven’s Blade successors that planets were objects that were tens of thousands of kilometers in diameter, but that was not the case for this planet. The planet was big enough to be considered one, but it was not the same.

“Did you not know? That’s your world~.”

She said that after rolling to my side with a laugh.


I widened my eyes in shock.

“Why do you look so surprised?”

“No, it’s just… I didn’t expect to find my home in a different dimension.”

I had thought about it a bit before, but it was still shocking to see it. I had already overcome the situation and accepted it as a fact though.

“I see. So that’s why you are in the Old World.”

“Yeah. I only just arrived yesterday.”

“Yesterday…? Haha, that’s a coincidence. I just arrived a few hours ago too.”


“Yeah, I was flying around in space earlier, so I don’t know how I ended up here.”

“Same. I fell off from somewhere in the sky and ended up here.”

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“I see~. That’s great.”

Her expression turned to a smile as she spoke.

“I wish we could have met under normal circumstances, but it’s still nice to meet someone else.”

“Yeah. It’s great that I didn’t come here alone.”

“I’m glad~.”

She smiled happily, but I had a lot of questions for her.

“I don’t know how you ended up here, but I wonder how I will get back.”

“The same way you got here, I guess?”

“The same way?”

“Yeah. I don’t know how you got here, but if you look around, you’ll find the entrance.”

She said that while pointing to the sky. I looked up and the entrance to the other dimension was on the other side of the sky. I had thought it was an artificial sky during the battle, but it was actually the other side of the dimension.

“I see. So I just need to go into that gap and I’ll be back.”

“You can’t~. The entrance is close, but it’s too far away for you to reach it.”


“Yeah. To get there, you need to fly through space.”

“Fly through space…”

“I guess you’ll need to have a spaceship or something.”

“A spaceship…”

I looked at the entrance and sighed. It was possible… but I would need to build a spaceship.

“You look exhausted.”

She stood up and went over to me as I was still sitting on the ground. She held out her hand and helped me up.


“Can you fly through space?”

“No… I can’t. I’m a normal human.”

“Then I guess I could just throw you there.”

I looked up. Was she really that strong? Maybe. But, and this was the most important question, was she really that accurate? “Throw a rock first.”

“A rock? From one of these?” She reached down and grabbed an asteroid from around her.


“You want me to throw an asteroid at your home planet? That’s insane.”

“They have defenses. They should intercept it in time.”

“Okay then.” The Galactic girl stuck her tongue to the side, aimed with one eye and tossed the asteroid with a perfect throw. If this was a lake, she’d have made perfect skips along the surface.

We waited.

My home planet indeed registered the incoming asteroid and blasted it before it could become too dangerous.

“Right. My turn.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, picking me up. The perspective from which I was seeing her made it impossible to read her face, it was like trying to read the face of the mountain you were climbing on.

“Yeah. Please, throw me. And don’t miss.”

“I won’t.” She said.

And she tossed me like the rock just before.

My home planet’s defenses were on alert. They registered my trajectory.

“Oh crap,” I managed to utter before they blasted me to bits, not taking any chances.

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