The moment was ruined, but their mood was not.
“Peter! Get me out of here,” Aristides wailed.
“The cute elven girl said that it’s impossible,” he said flatly.
“What does she know? Look at her, she’s all drunk. And so are you, actually,” Aristides complained, pointing from one to the other. He turned his back to them in a very regal pose.
Michalina turned to Peter. She stared at him for a moment, then burped with a hiccup.
That made Peter smile. He had a great smile. He should smile more, she thought.
“Say, I have an idea…” she said coily.
Aristides immediately turned to her. “About getting us out?”
She waved him away. “Pft! No. About how to spend the time until dawn dispels the shield.” She turned to Peter, who was still sitting on the floor beside her. “How about you take that leather armour off?” she said, letting her head hang to the side.
“I’m gonna have to check you for hidden daggers.”
“Oh!” she chirped, leaning back casually. She ran her hands over her body. “Feel free to pat me down all over. You can never be too cautious,” she winked.
Peter smiled warmly but he did pat her down. He ran his strong, square hands all over her dress and between her thighs, then up her ribs and underneath her armpits, and then pressed the bottom of his palm between her breasts, as if her titties were two lumps of dough and he wanted to spread them apart. She eyed him the entire time, her mouth open and her tongue wagging around her lips as if it had a life of its own.
He finished his pat-down by running his fingers at the roots on the back of her head, and brushed them all the way down to the ends as if he was untangling them.
“Good?” she cooed.
“All good,” he grunted, his voice rumbling. He was staring down at her, a man thirsty before a drinking fountain.
“I believe you were about to take that armour off?” she pointed out.
“Yes, I was.” He smiled and unstrapped it with dexterity, a well-practised action of an experienced warrior. She could help out, but she liked watching his muscles rippling as they were getting more and more exposed. The waft of aroma hit her but instead of making her scrunch away in distaste, it made her want to lick his skin.
He took off his armour and his shirt lifted above his belly. He was hairy there as well. Michalina wanted to bite it. She leaned forward and looked up at him. “I wanna take a bite out of you,” she said.
“Don’t eat me,” he joked, and his hands wandered around her legs.
Michalina went for it, taking a bite out of his abs. “Ptoo!” She picked hair out of her teeth.
He laughed with a rumble. “You’re the one who wanted to try it out!”
Michalina giggled and held the booze up to his lips. “You’re still making sense. We need to fix that, drink.”
He turned his mouth away. “It’s too strong. Frankly, Michalina, I can’t believe you drank so much already.”
She laughed heartily. “Ha! I’ve had training. Drink, drink, drink!” she prodded.
Peter took a sip and then pushed the bottle away. Some of the booze trickled down the side of his mouth and Michalina immediately leaned forward and licked it.
She froze, realising what she had done. He looked back at her. Then he grabbed her by the neck again and kissed her deeply.
Michalina moaned in delight. Finally! This disaster of a night turned out a lot better than she thought, after all.
She disengaged from the kiss and frantically undid his belt. He tried to help, and they both made a mess but it was rather exciting. When he whipped it out, she went cross-eyed. It was thick, emerging from a black bush. She stuck it in her mouth without hesitation.
She mechanically went through her practised motions of sucking a man, when she had an epiphany.
She always did think clearer with a cock inside her.
She raised her head, her mouth making a popping sound at it disengaged. She turned to Aristides, who was in the far corner, taking glances at them and scoffing loudly with tsk sounds. “Hey, I just remembered, there is a way for the shield get lowered faster.”
The governor opened his eyes wide and took one step closer to them. He seemed to have forgotten all about their public displays of intimacy. “How? Tell me, please,” he squealed.
“If the both of you will have me at the same time, I might get enough magic to bring it down much faster,” she said nodding.
Peter was lying back, propping himself on his elbows. He was still hard and loopy, but he frowned at her. “That sounds like bullshit, Michalina.”
Aristides’ shoulders sagged. “It kind of does, elf.”
“Hey!” she frowned, “who’s the magicborn here? You?” She turned to Peter, giving a swift stroke. “Or, you?”
Peter seemed to think it over. In her experience, men who had the blood flowing on their swords couldn’t think straight anyway. “Yeah, you might be right…”
“Of course I am!” Michalina glowered and angrily resumed her important work of sucking him off.
Aristides stood there, blinking like a crazy person.
Michalina couldn’t wait to get double-teamed tonight. Of course, she would rather much prefer the simultaneous attentions of a loving couple, but this would do just fine. Aristides wasn’t as gruff and manly as Peter, but he was still a fit, healthy human. That was exotic enough for her.
“Are you coming?” she glowered at him.
Aristides pointed at himself, saying nothing with a silly expression.
“Yes, you. Bring it around the back,” she said, and lifted her dress to expose her butt.
“Oh…” Aristides said and stepped towards her, scratching his head. “I guess… If it’s going to bring the shield down.”
Michalina stopped only for a second to push the bottle into his hands. “Yes, yes. Get on with it,” she said, and then she finally got her wish.

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