Michalina went, ‘Uhh… Um…” for three ridiculously long seconds, facing the intruders. And then she tapped the hilt of the protector blade and the shield went up. It was a physical, well not actually physical but it certainly was there, adamantine barrier, that bent the torch and the moonlight into interesting patterns. The two men started, looking around. One of them ran up to the side and touched it timidly, putting his palm up to it. When he found resistance, he put his entire weight on it.
It didn’t budge.
Michalina was still holding on to the liquor bottle. She raised her protector’s blade, which was just a blade now. The magic in it was spent.
But they didn’t know that.
“You two are not supposed to be here,” she said with all the menace that a short, frail and curvy girl could muster. She lifted her chin and tried to act like she owned the place.
“What is this barrier?” the one who had gone to investigate squealed. He started to breathe in small, shallow breaths. “I can’t be in here. I need to get out! Let me out!” he shouted and stepped close to her.
Michalina took a step back and pointed her blade at him. “That’s far enough.” She acted as if she knew how to use the sword, but in reality she knew didly squat. The pointy end went into the flesh of the guy attacking you, right?
“Bring down this barrier, at once!” he shouted, his eyes looking wild. He slashed at her and disarmed her in a single, accurate thrust. Her protector’s blade clattered to the corner of the walls.
He stepped closer, and Michalina took a tiny step back.
She was done for. This was it. She was gonna die. And she hadn’t even managed to get a buzz going before this mess fell on her lap.
What the heck, she took a swig of booze.
“What are you doing? Put that down,” the second man frowned, pointing at her with his sword.
“I can’t. It’s done, the barrier will only come down at sunrise.” The humans were shorter than elven men, bulkier, full of muscle and hair. In fact, she wouldn’t mind running her fingers through that one’s hairy chest…
“What?” the first man squealed, grabbing his long hair. “Nonono. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe, I tell you!” he started hyperventilating.
“Hey, calm down,” she said, her palm up towards him. “Here, drink some. It’ll help you relax.”
The hairy man slapped her hand with the blunt side of his sword. “Hey, how do we know that’s not poison or something?”
Her voice went up high. “I just took a swig, human! Right in front of you. Here, let me drink some more.” She did just that.
“No, it might be okay for elves, bad for humans. How do we know it’s safe?” the hairy man continued, eyeing her wearily.
Michalina groaned. “You’re too paranoid for an assassin.”
The hairy man tensed up. “We’re not assassins. We’re here for the peace talks. He’s the governor of our town, Aristides,” he said, pointing at the man hyperventilating in the corner. “I’m his protector, Peter.”
Michalina’s shoulders slumped. “You gotta be kidding me,” she groaned, more to herself and raised the bottle. She drank three enormous gulps and it finally hit her a bit, the buzz she was looking for.
“And you say you’ve trapped us in here until dawn? We’re going to miss the treaty, lady!” Peter said, visibly angry. But at least he sheathed his sword.
Michalina shrugged, trying her darnest to look her cutest and then drank some more booze. It was nice and green and glowy, and since the shield had been raised, she didn’t have to do anything. For all intents and purposes the southern wall was protected, nothing could get through.
And if she happened to mistake a duo of very scowly-looking humans as intruders, well, how was she to know?
“Whoopsie,” she said, and smiled wide. Oh yeah, it was kicking in all right. She sat on the stone floor, folding her legs beneath her. It did nice things to her exposed thighs and she noticed that Peter had noticed back.
“We’re gonna die in here!” Aristides howled in terror, tearing at his long hair.
“Calm down, man. There’s plenty of air, and this elven magic seems to be protecting us from everything. For all intents and purposes, we are safe in here.” Peter said, in a calm tone of voice, pushing down his annoyance.
“That’s what I said!” Michalina chirped at the man, raising her hand at her. “Well, I said it on the inside, but still.” She burped, but you know, it was a cute burp. A lady burp.
Peter eyed her, his expression unreadable.
“Want some?” she asked, raising the bottle at him.
His face shone green from the liquid. It did interesting things to his rough features and his black hair. He had hair everywhere, his head, his beard, his neck, his chest, his arms, his legs. Compared to the elven men she had had who were smooth as a baby, this one was so exotic it was making her furnace burning. “Sure,” he finally said and sat next to her with a grunt, pushing his sheathed sword to the side. He accepted the drink and glanced at it, his eyes gleaming green. “If a tiny girl like you can drink whole gulps right in front of me, then it should be fine for me.” He tried it, taking a single sip.
It was enough to get him drunk.
This was, after all, the strongest booze in the elvenlands.
“This is strong stuff,” he said, breathing in air with the look of a man gulping for air.
“Don’t breathe too deep,” Aristides whispered, looking around. “There’s not much air in here.”
“Your governor has lost it,” Michalina said, staring at the long-haired man. She couldn’t really focus on him, no matter how much she tried.
Peter suppressed a snort. “Politicians.” He said the word in a way that enunciated every single opinion he had about them.
“I know, right?” Michalina giggled, and leaned on his arm. She moaned lightly as she ran her fingers through his hair. The combination of dark hair over strong muscle was getting her furnace scorching-hot.
After a minute, Peter smiled wide and started to laugh. “This is impressive magic. Can you just throw this up whenever you want?” He pointed all around.
Michalina shifted her butt closer to Peter and rubbed herself all over his side. He smelled terrible, he smelled of mud and sweat and dirty roads, long travelled. She raised his hand to her face and dug her nose in his palm. She took a deep breath, it drove her mad.
“Elf girl, you’re sniffing me,” he said, laughing.
“Yes…” she moaned and rubbed her face on his rough skin.
“I know I smell bad, I apologise deeply. The road is long and hard getting here.”
“No, it’s fine.” She opened her eyes and met his. He stared at her with hunger, a proper male. He was nowhere near pretty as some of her exes, but he had something that made her wanna jump his bones right then and there. “Peter?”
“Hmm?” he grunted softly, his gaze running down her modest tits.
“Do you like elves?”
“You’re the first one I meet,” he said, showing teeth.
“I mean, do you like me?” she asked, throwing her hair to the side, making sure to expose some of her milky skin on her shoulder and collarbone.
It was his time to take a sniff of her, and his wide grin told her everything she wanted to know. “Yes, I like you.”
“A lot?” she pouted.
“A lot. Even more, if I knew your name.”
“Michalina,” she said softly, her lips parted.
“That’s a lovely name,” he said, and his hunger was evident in his face.
“Why thank you!” she chirped at him, and leaned forward to run her finger through the hairs on his chest. “Say, Peter?”
“Yes?” he grunted, breathing hard. He didn’t push her away, but he wasn’t making a move of his own.
“Put your hand on my leg.”
“Um… Sure. If you want me to, Michalina.” He put his heavy hand on her thigh and squeezed.
She felt hot in her centre. “Want to find some way to spend the time?” she said, raising her eyebrow at him.
Peter gulped. “Yes,” he said with a decisive nod and felt her up some more.
“Excellent! We are, after all, trapped in here for hours. We have booze.We have the stars,” she said, pointing at them respectively. “What is there to stop us from having diplomatic relations?” she breathed softly, her mouth very close to his now.
Peter swallowed and put his hand on the back of her neck, holding her close.
Her lips quivered. She wanted nothing more in the world than to taste his lips right now.
“What are you doing?” Aristides squealed in his typical high-pitched voice. “We need to find a way to get out of here!”
Peter and Michalina sighed and turned to glare at the governor.

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