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See also  Augmented reality is the future. regram @wiredWIRED 24.05: Kevin Kelly, our founding executive editor and longtime Senior Maverick, was offered exclusive access to the headquarters of Magic Leap, a hypersecretive and heavily funded startup that is on a quest to create a new kind of reality. In our May cover story, Kelly sits down with Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz and experiences firsthand the “mixed reality” technology that Abovitz says will herald “the Internet of presence and experience.” Also in this issue: the #WIREDNextList of the 25 geniuses who are bringing tomorrow to you today; Double Cross, the gripping story of how a Ukrainian hacker became the FBI’s best—and worst—weapon in the war on cybercrime; and The Björn Ultimatum—the story of two Swedish men named Björn (one of whom was in Abba!) fighting over Sweden’s move to a cashless economy. #WIRED2405 #WIRED #MagicLeap #wiredcovers (📷 Sebastian Kim | @sebkimstudio) #ar #vr #augmentedreality #sciencefiction
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