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“You mean the whole city?” the new mayor asked.
“No, the hole city. Just the part inside the hole,” the e-person explained to him.
The mayor rubbed his chin. “I thought I’d be the mayor of the city.”
“Yes. Of the hole city,” the e-person repeated patiently.
The mayor looked around, reaching down over the edge of the flyer. The hole was enormous, it went down into the bowels of the Earth, a fabricated hole in a fabricated city, allowing him to take a peek into the darkness. “I think you’re just messing with me.”
The e-person tilted its head to the side. The LEDs on its face illuminated into a pattern that indicated a human smile. “We could have, but it wouldn’t be efficient. No, the voting is automatic, the people would have preferred you over the other candidate, and you are now the mayor.”
“Of the hole city,” the mayor added, his patience being tested. He had even put on a suit and gotten shaved an everything! This was supposed to be his big day.
“Yes, laws indicate that 10% of the city should be governed by organic persons. It’s a retro law, however we cannot ignore it.” The e-person raised its palm up apologetically.
“But there’s nothing down there!” the mayor spat out.
“There are plenty of things, I’m sure.”
“But not civilians,” the mayor said, frowning like any person from the last century who was talking to a voice-recognition call centre.
“That’s unlikely.”
“So, what’s the point?”
“The point is that we are true to the letter of the law. Organic persons get their elected official via fair electronic means, utilizing predictive algorithms of their views and political opinions. The candidates are chosen randomly from the population, elections are held automatically and here you are.”
“Over a hole in the city,” the mayor deadpanned.
“Yes. I’m sure I’ve said that before.”
The mayor slapped his face. “Okay, fine. So, what now, what are my duties? Do I get an office?”
“Of course,” the e-person said, and wheeled in a leather chair.
The mayor raised an eyebrow. “Okay, that’s not bad, actually. I’ve never even seen real leather before,” he said, running his fingers on the surface. It rubbed and squeaked nicely. It was weathered, used but perfectly nice. He sat on it, feeling his way around with his butt. Oh, yeah, he could get used to this.
“I’m glad you approve, mayor,” the e-person said.
The mayor clapped his hands together, looking back at the form of the e-person standing behind him. “Okay, I get it,” he said, wagging a finger at him. “I’m just a mayor for show, so you can say you’ve met the quota. Alright… I’ll play along, but the pay better be good. But why not just, you know, not elect an organic person?”
“We would never break the law like that,” the e-person said with a tone of voice as if was offended by the mere thought.
“Fine. Now what?” The chair had wheels, and he moved around a bit on the big alcove of the flyer, there was plenty of room.
“Now, we put you in office,” the e-person said, and shoved the mayor with his chair over the ledge and down the hole.

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The End.

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BadNews2Muslims · November 22, 2018 at 9:35 pm

too short, was just getting interesting, and you shove the new mayor over the edge…. he needs to fall into a net or something, continue the tale, please.

    George Saoulidis · November 23, 2018 at 8:51 am

    You’re right, it’s sudden. We’ll see what I can do about the story.

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